The Art of Grooming kids @ home

Art of Grooming Kids @ Home

(A life lesson to Parents)

– Mrs. Rajini Arunachalam.

Parents are the first teachers and the home is the first school for a child.

Charity also begins at home. Hence the child grows up with the qualities learnt from the parents. Parents should give company during the study hours and be a moral support to him.

Parents should understand that the child inherits certain habits and behaviour genetically. Parents can put forth maximum effort to change the unwanted habits but should accept  if the desired change doesn’t happen.

  “Try to dig out what the child is capable of.  Don’t force anything on the child for an undesired result”.

The important values can be embedded in the child by telling him stories during bed time.

If a child grows with the “Values Taught”, they will “Stay with them Forever”.

Don’t confuse the child by saying one thing and doing something else. Practice only what you preach.

 The child should be taught to realize his inner strength. “Too much of expectations from the child is the cause of all sufferings”.

“Help your child to identify his strength and create an opportunity to flourish.”

“Children are too young to dance to the tune of the parents” .

Realise the “Pressure the parents give to their wards and the stress they undergo”. Only they alone can put an end to this problem by right thinking.

Please “make learning a pleasure”  to them “by changing your attitude”.

Never thrust your disappointments of your childhood on your children.

Love Your children and help them to thrive on their talents. By doing so “Peace and happiness may be made to prevail in the family”.

You are chosen by the Almighty to guide your kids and not to exercise your power on them.

I owe the values I possess and the way I live to my loving mother. As is the mother so are the daughters. In my mother’s days there were many children in a family and our family is no exception to this. Life is full of ups and downs. When our family was in the clutches of poverty, my mother who was an embodiment of noble virtues was able to balance the misfortunes. Even during the hard times she taught us work ethics, dignity of labour, to stand by the truth always and to have clean hands. She lived the way she wanted us to do. There was room for charity in our house. My mother’s advice was “You need not earn money for me. Earn me a name that I have groomed you as good humans”.

I wonder how a lady with very little education gave value added education to her wards and maintained the family efficiently within the income, without incurring any debt. She sowed the seed for leading a happy and contented life in us through many stories. She made a lot of sacrifice to give us the basic needs. I hail my mother and feel her presence every day in my life.

I wish and pray that the kids of today also get a wonderful mother as a guiding light for their life.

Make your little stars shine  towards a rich life brimming with love, peace, prosperity, and joy. ..

All the Best


Principal, RJ Mantra English School

About the Author

Mrs. A. Rajini
, presently serving as the Principal of RJ Mantra English School
(Affiliated to  ICSE) , Virudhunagar, With her 40+ years of teaching
experience in CBSE & ICSE education systems is remembered fondly by
thousands of her students for her wonderful ‘Story Time’. We are proud
to have her as our mentor



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