The Art of Grooming kids @ home – Part 2

The Art of Grooming Kids @ Home (A life lesson to Parents)

By Mrs. Rajini Arunachalam
Principal RJ Mantra English School

In the present scenario, one of the most difficult tasks is good parenting. There is no centre to conduct courses on parenting. But it must be given prime importance as what is learnt in the cradle comes till the grave. Therefore some tips are given below for those who are in need.

Once a man came to Socrates, the Greek Philosopher, to seek advice as when to start teaching good habits to his three month old child. Socrates urged him to rush and start teaching good habits immediately as he was already late by three months.

Science says that the  child in the mother’s womb, even during the developmental stage, gets the impact from the mother’s activities and from what happens around her. The disorder of a child in the womb was cured miraculously as the mother listened to “Thiruvasagam” (a devotional composition sung in praise of God in Tamil) with faith.

After birth also a child is shrewd and sensitive to what happens around him. Parents should be very cautious as the child’s mind is like a wet clay and gets anything imprinted easily. So sophistication should not be given and spoil the immune system of the child.

A child should be given simple and small tasks to perform when he is young. He should be taught to obey the parents and accept the parent’s choice of toys. Parents should thank the child for the tasks done by him., Then the child will thank the parents appropriately. Make sure to buy only what the child needs. Don’t give them luxury. Practice frugality.

“Spare the rod & spoil the child is an experimential statement”. Expose the child to failure, sufferings and disappointments. They are the blessings in disguise that may be used as a tool not only to strengthen his mind, but also to accept them as part of life.

The child should be taught to greet the guests and visitors and also to share the things with other children.

If the fear of God is practised at home, the child will enter a safe zone where committing sin is avoided. The child will understand later “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”.

The child learns to appreciate others when the child is appreciated and rewarded on deserving occasions.

A dumping box can be given and the habit of saving money can be inculcated. The child can be indirectly taught to realize the value of money through this.

The child should be monitored with very little interference. Allow him to grow and breathe the air of freedom.Let the choice of studies be “Child Centric”, not  “parent centric”.

As the child is full of life force he is hyperactive. Such child should not be made to sit still in front of TV. Parents should spend time with the child giving as what , when , how and  “Why to do Things” with examples.Parents are the role model for the child.  They should try to be perfect in all aspects.

We have to show love rarely and strict discipline most of the time for the good of the children. This will enable them to develop a strong mind to face the ups and downs in later life…

All the Best

Principal, RJ Mantra English School

Mrs. A. Rajini , presently serving as the Principal of RJ Mantra English School (Affiliated to  ICSE) , Virudhunagar, With her 40+ years of teaching experience in CBSE & ICSE education systems is remembered fondly by thousands of her students for her wonderful ‘Story Time’. We are proud to have her as our mentor


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