Need for Nurturing Values in kids Part-2

Need for Nurturing Values in kids (A life lesson to Parents)

By :Mrs. Rajini Arunachalam, Principal, RJ Mantra English School.

The period of dependency in the young ones of all living beings on their mothers is short. Where as the period of dependency in a human child on his parent is very long. The responsibilities and duties of the parents vary at different stages.

In the long process of parenting an important aspect to be borne in the mind is to inculcate values even when they are very young. Their future will be destined by the number of values they have cultivated.

“When Wealth is lost nothing is lost;

When health is lost some thing is lost;

When character is lost everything is lost.”

As character is more valuable than anything else in this world it should be prioritized at all cost. If we want to bend a tree, we have to bend a twig. So young age is the right time for inculcating values.  That will lead to character building which is necessary for a happy and successful living.

For instance, if you want to make the child realize the value of early rising, keep a bowl of grain in the terrace and sit with the child at a distance and watch what happens.

The birds that come early consume the food and the bowl becomes empty. The birds that come late have nothing left out. They have to fly to many places in search of food. They may meet with disappointment. The child is given to understand  `Early Bird Catches its Prey’. 

The child should wake up early and do everything on time to avoid failures. If so there will be no delay in all his work. He will understand delays are always dangerous. The importance of early rising when realized will become a habit and habits hardly die. Before teaching the child, parents should possess the same habit or value. By using various techniques good values can be cultivated in plenty. Parents should be ready to make sacrifices to bring up their wards as true heroes.

I recollect an occurrence in my life that enabled to grab good values. My mother once insisted on cultivating Patience which will give us enormous strength. She told me “You should not retaliate the humiliations done to you. Evil begets evil. Don’t do harm to evil doers. If so you are damaging your soul.  Leave them to God.” She cited an example for the same from Mahabharata.

Gandhari and Kunti Devi were co-sisters. Gandhari ill treated Kunti Devi on many occasions. Kunti Devi put up with all the wrong things and injustice done to her. Once she felt very bad at her humiliating words; She just turned and passed a stern look at her. Gandhari’s saree caught fire. The power of patience was proved this way. Meekness is not Weakness. Blessed are the meek for they will inherit Heaven.  I understood the supremacy of Patience. She also told me, ”Patience is a rare jewel which each and every girl should possess.”

To make your children responsible in a society, nurture the moral values like honesty, loyalty, respect, self-reliance, self-discipline, patience, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, personal responsibility and courtesy in them.

All the best 

Mrs. A.Rajini,

Principal RJ Mantra English School

Mrs. A. Rajini , presently serving as the Principal of RJ Mantra English School (Affiliated to  ICSE) , Virudhunagar, With her 40+ years of teaching experience in CBSE & ICSE education systems is remembered fondly by thousands of her students for her wonderful ‘Story Time’. We are proud to have her as our mentor


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