Need for Nurturing Values in kids (Part-1)

Need for Nurturing Values in kids (A life lesson to Parents)

Mrs. Rajini Arunachalam, – Principal, RJ Mantra English School.

Values are important in everyone’s life. Actually values are the basement on which our life is to be constructed with strength. Anything learnt in school days is like engraving the matter on a stone wall. Children have a unfading memory with a permanent positive impact at this stage.

Children are fresh and are not aware of the vices of the society. They have a number of questions on controversial things to clarify. As they are inexperienced they rely on their parents and teachers for instructions and clarifications. Mothers should allow their wards to speak their mind without any inhibition. Mother should spend time with them. For a life time result the answer can be narrated by relating it with a story. As children are fond of listening to stories, through the morals the values can be tattooed in their mind.

My mother taught me the need to keep our promise. She told me about a milk maid who reared many cows and sold milk. One day one of her cows had a critical health hazard. She prayed God to save it and promised an offering that the next calf will be given to the temple. The cow gave birth to a female calf. Her mind was lured towards making more milk with the calf when it grows up. So she planned to offer the money equal to the value of the calf instead of donating the calf to the temple. She went to the temple to drop the amount into the dumping box. When she bent over the box the necklace she was wearing around her neck was broken near the screw and fell into the dumping box. She was shocked and made speechless; for the act of cheating god, He had taught her a lesson.

After narrating this anecdote my mother told me, “Before giving a promise, you have to think twice. Once you give a promise to any one, you have to keep it up whatever obstacles come on your way.”

`Great teachers are the aged’ said R.L.Stevenson. They need not have gone to universities to get education. They have learnt from their experience. We can reap maximum benefit if we live in the circle of elders.

Children should be instructed to listen to the advice of the elders and follow them in their life. Their wide experience will always give a solution for the youngster’s problem. One who avoid their advice is the loser. Hail the elders for their wit and wisdom, exposure and experience. In short  they are the beacon light to their posterity.

All the best for good parenting.

Principal RJ Mantra English School

Mrs. A. Rajini , presently serving as the Principal of RJ Mantra English School (Affiliated to  ICSE) , Virudhunagar, With her 40+ years of teaching experience in CBSE & ICSE education systems is remembered fondly by thousands of her students for her wonderful ‘Story Time’. We are proud to have her as our mentor


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